May 19, 2012 – Filmmaking for Screenwriters

Filmmaking for Screenwriters will arm the screenwriter with everything they need to know to produce their own screenplay — from finding the financing, choosing the camera, casting, right through to post-production.

With the new HD and digital technology, almost anyone can afford to produce their own screenplay. High Def camcorders are affordable for any budget as well as desktop editing software. This jam-packed seminar is a must for any screenwriter.

Bryan Michael Stoller is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced, written and directed over eighty short comedy films, television episodes, music videos, commercials and feature films.

Bryan hosted the network series Film Fun at the age of eleven, and is the author of “Filmmaking for Dummies” and editor of “Screenwriting for Dummies.”

Bryan’s latest film “First Dog” was the number four top hit on Redbox last summer next to good company, “Toy Story 3,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “UP”, and is now on Netflix and airing on Starz, and the DVD is at Walmart, Best Buy and Target.

Little Bear has a fascinating backstory which includes being fostered by former First Lady Nancy Reagan and former President Ronald Reagan.

This is what inspired Bryan Michael Stoller to write and direct “First Dog” to star Little Bear. Little Bear had been rescued after being thrown out with a littler, then contracting the often deadly virus Parvo, and left to die in the streets. The Reagan’s rushed Little Bear to the vet and after four days of intravenous, Little Bear woke up and was ready to play.

In addition to his acting chops, Little Bear is also a licensed Service Dog who visits sick children and the elderly in hospitals.

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