2-Day Writing Challenge





  • Need writing discipline?
  • Need motivation?
  • Ready to unleash your creativity over two whole days?
  • Are you up to the challenge to meet a writing deadline?
  • Want to write A few pages? A few scenes? An outline? A draft? More?


We will provide the virtual connection and discussion while you provide the creativity and some time to write.


Ready. Steady. Go.


This is ONE WEEKEND where you commit to explore any & all possibilities with your story, FADE IN to FADE OUT, and do it in the comfort of your own home/location.

Virtually, there will be fellow writers eager to help each other over the creative hurdles.

PLUS, top Hollywood script consultants (schedules permitting) will provide mini consults to help writers find their voice, help with writer’s block, and give you ideas to move your script along as well as answer questions that may help you and your writing.




It’s just writers helping writers motivate the discipline, courage, and peer-pressure to rediscover the thrill and fire of writing with abandon and passion.

For two days, one weekend, writers will come together virtually to discuss and blaze through shameless first drafts in all their glorious imperfections. Additionally, you will explore your creativity during those two days.

No procrastinating. No excuses.


  • Want to work on a completely different project during these two days??
  • Need to try a different challenge with your writing??
  • Have you discovered our Creative Writing Challenges? Click here on to part 1 or part 2 for more details.


~ Where: Virtually and at home.

~ Zoom information will be sent two days prior to the event.

  • You should commit yourself to these TWO (2) DAYS to focus on a project, from start to finish.
    • Since we will not be able to monitor you when we are not virtually online with Zoom, we will place you on the honor system and hold YOU accountable for writing in the time provided.
    • Please allow yourself to be creative by exploring different avenues with your writing.
      • Step out of your comfort zone and expand on your writing during this time.
    • The art of making things up is what you are doing here – BEING ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE.
    • Outlines are helpful to get a quick start.
    • Nothing’s required but your imagination!


“All you really need is the daring to explore wherever your creativity takes you.”       

“You came here to write scripts you’re passionate about. So, write one! Now. Or just carry that beautiful dream around for the rest of your life.”


Two quotes above  – Melessa Y. Sargent, President of Scriptwriters Network

Foundation, Inc.


John Hughes wrote “The Breakfast Club” in two days. 
Stallone churned out “Rocky” in three.
The “South Park” guys write & produce every episode in six.


Questions, please contact [email protected].


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“2-Day Writing Challenge” event.


We hope to see you virtually there.



Disclaimer: Participation in SWN events, programs, workshops and classes is not a promise or guarantee of employment, and, is intended for educational and networking purposes only.