Choosing a Writers Group


Writers groups are a great way to get feedback on your work. When selecting a writers group, after searching and thoroughly RESEARCHING for a group online, there are a number of things to keep in mind:

  • Are you interested in giving critiques, receiving them, or simply meeting other writers?
  • What do they specialize in? Film, TV, plays, novels, poetry or other literary forms?
  • Are they an open or closed group?
  • When do they accept applications for new members?
  • Where do they hold their meetings?
  • How long have they been operating?
  • How do they protect their members’ work? Do they insist on all work being copyrighted and/or ask members to sign non disclosure agreements?
  • What is the experience level of writers in the group? Beginner, intermediate or advanced?
  • Are any members in the group produced?
  • How many members are in the group?
  • How are the members selected? Do they accept referrals or can anyone join?
  • How often does each group meet? Weekly, monthly or more infrequently?
  • How long is each meeting? How is it structured? Is it a read, discussion or troubleshooting?

As a regular participant in a writers group, you will be making connections with other writers who might be in a position to help your future career. You just never know.

Please note all scripts submitted to any Writers Group should be treated as confidential.


Etiquette on receiving feedback on your script from a potential Writer’s Group:

  • Screenplay analysis and (constructive) criticism is all very subjective.
  • Do not be defensive to negative feedback.
  • Do not take it personally.
  • Listen to their comments carefully (and appreciatively) and take careful notes on what they are telling you.
  • Step away from the script for a week or a month to get some distance from it, then look over the notes again and see if you can understand where they might be coming from.
  • Maybe there was something that didn’t make it from your mind to the page and its absence is what confused them.
  • If three or more comments are the same, you might want to take an extra look at the comment closely and objectively to see what is missing.
  • Or maybe you’re right and it’s perfect the way it is and you’ll show them when it makes $100 MM at the box office. Who knows?

Good Luck with your search for the Writer’s Group in your area, that will meet your needs.


**Scriptwriters Network does not maintain a list of Writer’s Groups, and, we are not connected to or associated with any Writer’s Groups. We ask that you search for and thoroughly RESEARCH a group online before joining.


Disclaimer: Participation in SWN events, programs, workshops and classes is not a promise or guarantee of employment, and, is intended for educational and networking purposes only.