June 2, 2012 – Scriptwriters Network Pitch Boot Camp

Pitch Boot Camp is designed to drill prospective screenwriters into delivering professional, concise and interesting pitches comfortably and sincerely to anyone at any time in any place under any conditions.

The short-term goal is to prepare screenwriters to pitch at the The 2012 Great American PitchFest. Our long-term goal is to prepare screenwriters for participation at any pitching or networking event.

The Pitch Boot Camp structure will mirror that of the PitchFest’s format, and thus potentially increase the effectiveness of the screenwriter’s pitch ability at the actual PitchFest.

Tables will be set up just like the PitchFest, attended by “company reps” (mock production companies, agents, managers and studio development executives).

Each participant will pitch at each table for five minutes (one or two minute story pitch followed by Q&A) and also switch roles to act as “company reps” to hear pitches from the other participating writers.

Company reps will mark a simple checkbox score card on the major pitching points to help the pitcher to gauge how thoroughly they are communicating their project.

Participants need to have their material copyright protected and a prepared pitch.

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