Jill Chamberlain’s Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret to Screenplay Story Structure

Event Date: Saturday, August 17, 2019 || Speaker: Jill Chamberlain  || Check-in: 12:30 pm ||

According to author and script consultant Jill Chamberlain, 99% of first-time screenwriters fail to tell a story. What those writers do instead is present a situation. Do you know the difference? In this information-packed session, Jill will walk through the Nutshell Technique, the method she created to visually demonstrate to writers the difference and to show them how to transform mere situations into surprising and satisfying stories. Bring your 90-second story pitch if you like. Jill will walk through a few volunteers’ story pitches and help them use the Nutshell Technique to maximize their stories’ dramatic impact. See more details below:


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More details:

Jill Chamberlain will be presenting her master class on the Nutshell Technique on July 13 and on September 14-15 in Burbank. Find out how to register and how to work with her as a script consultant at jillchamberlain.com. Her book, The Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret to Successful Screenwriting  (University of Texas Press), is one of the highest rated screenwriting books on Amazon, out of over 3,000 books on the subject. It’s considered the go-to manual many professionals swear by and is on the syllabus for film schools all over the world including the acclaimed screenwriting program at Columbia University. Producer Callum Greene (Star Wars Episode IX) said “Jill Chamberlain’s Nutshell Technique cracks the code behind why we love the movies that we love. It will guide you to organically write the story you want to tell.” Jill has fixed and fine tuned scripts for major studios, A-list writers, television showrunners, award-winning independent filmmakers and many spec script writers.


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Meeting Timeframe: 1:00 pm to approximately 3:00 pm

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