A Word From The President – Original Letter

Melessa Sargent..8.21.13.To our Members and Friends:

“The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t, but in the things you’ve never considered doing.”

— Richard Bandler

It is my honor and privilege to have been elected as President of this organization. I started volunteering at the door several years ago, greeting  each person attending our meetings. I never really considered becoming President. Yet, with each new position, I became more and more involved with The Scriptwriters Network Foundation (“SWN”). My greatest joy is still attending the meetings, listening to the Speakers and networking with each of you.

Moving forward, restructuring the organization to better assist our members has begun, including updating and enhancing our website. We will continue to bring in Speakers for our meetings at a Los Angeles Studio, CBS Radford Studios and an additional Los Angeles County location. We will also continue to have our writing contests for our Hollywood Outreach Program (“HOP”), our High Concept Screenplay Competition Program and our Television Outreach Program (“TOP”). In addition, our 2-Day Writing Challenge event has been a huge success and our Friday Night Social event, in which we co-host, is a networking event that has become popular this past year. Finally, we will continue to attend Expo’s where we feature our Pitch Boot Camps (“PBCs”). The feedback from our PBCs alone is immeasurable.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I hope you really and truly receive the wisdom and knowledge provided through attending one of our events and listening to one of our vast array of Speakers.  If you live in the Southern California area, we look forward to seeing you at one of our networking events. Networking is very important. Become involved, because you never know who the person next to you may know, work with or is connected to. If you are not a member at this time, I urge you to become a member, as we are preparing to take SWN to a whole new level!

All the best!!

Melessa Y. Sargent
President & CEO
Scriptwriters Network Foundation, Inc.



Left: Ms. Sargent making announcements, August 20, 2016.





Below:  Ms. Sargent teaching the Script Analysis Readers Class on February 18, 2017.