Scripted Audio Is Having Its Moment… Again

|| Event Date: Saturday, November 21, 2020 ||

|| Speaker: Bill Taub || 

|| Start time: 1:00 pm PST ||


There’s a new game in town. Rather an old game. Really a ‘new old’ game. More precisely, a new old game rebranded as ‘scripted audio’ or ‘scripted podcasts’. What we used to call ‘radio’. Scripted audio allows you more freedom as a writer.  More info below.


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More Information:

Technology has changed everything. For screenwriters, it has given us hundreds of original programs, over 50 networks, and now audio and video streaming. Because of expanding internet capabilities media has become an instantaneous global mobile business. There are no borders. No boundaries. The need for content is massive. Suppliers are scouring everything. Creating enormous opportunities for creators that never existed before.

The Audible executive (Amazon’s audiobook platform) opened our ears to the power of audiobooks. At the same time, we were told audiobooks wasn’t going to be their only business. They were getting heavily into this nascent concept of ‘scripted audio’. Every conceivable type and genre is possible. Fiction. Non-fiction. Comedy. Drama. Variety.

As writers ‘scripted audio’ gives you another chance to get exposure and activity that is worth thinking about even for old scripts you have that can be adapted to scripted audio. It can be a critical sample in your portfolio. You can use as many locations you want to in this world or out. It doesn’t cost a dime more. You don’t have to worry about budgets. The only genre that doesn’t work in audio is animation! This class will discuss all the above and more!



Bill Taub is a veteran TV and NEW MEDIA Writer-Producer-Consultant-Bill Bill Taub is an Instructor-Author with dozens of Credits. Recently he co-created-wrote-and produced the web series ‘The “G” Spot” starring The Psychic Twins.

Also in development is the pilot he co-created and wrote with former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott Ritter. And is presently building an online subscription course “How To Be A ScriptWriter And Put A Roof Over Your Head” based on the process outlined in his book ‘Automatic Pilot’ and UCLA Writers’ Program workshops he taught. He is an active member of the WGA and WGC.


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Meeting Timeframe: 1:00 pm PST to approximately 3:00 pm PST

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