Featured Video ~ Special Event – ScriptCon

“Scriptwriters Network Presents….”

Angela Hutchinson & Landi Maduro

Melessa Y. Sargent — Moderator

ScriptCon is designed for you to learn from some of our Partners / friends about their organizations and more about them and everything they do. We’re honored to be providing this valuable opportunity to all our members, friends and guests. 

We hope to gain exposure in the entertainment industry and impact visibility for all the organizations listed below and those in the future who agree to be a part of this new venture.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions with the leaders and representatives of the organizations that are participating.

Separately, all organizations successfully coach in different areas of the industry to assist you with your career.  Together, not only do we support each other, we enhance your awareness in the industry to each of our organizations designed expertise.

The organizations / businesses participating are (click on the names for more information):

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