Story Essentials – What Every Story Needs To Succeed

Event Date: Saturday, June 16, 2018 || Speaker: Barri Evins  || Check-in: 12:30 pm ||

Human beings love a good story.  Our brains are hardwired for a tantalizing tale from our caveman ancestors huddled around a roaring fire to viewers today cozying up to a computer consuming YouTube videos.  Our primal attachment to story explains why all compelling stories share the same fundamental characteristics.  They are a literal turn-on for our story-loving minds. See more details below:


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More details:

We define the Seven Essential Elements of highly successful stories: The Hero, Their Flaw, Their Goal that establishes The Stakes, Conflict, Escalation, Twists and Suspense.  We see them in action in films, but they are powerful building blocks in all storytelling mediums, present and past, from the humble anecdote, to the binge-worthy TV series, to the epic novel trilogy.  Understanding these story components and how they work individually, as well as collectively, empowers writers to create enthralling tales by harnessing the primal power of story.

Barri Evins, a working film producer and story consultant, created Big Ideas to give aspiring screenwriters and storytellers what it takes to achieve their dreams and make breaking into the business a reality. She provides professional techniques and powerful tools to help writers through weekend intensives, unique consultation services, and mentorship.

Barri began her career as a development executive for writer-producers Ray Gideon and Bruce Evans, who wrote STAND BY ME, STARMAN, and MR. BROOKS. She went on to become President of Debra Hill’s company, the producer of THE FISHER KING and the HALLOWEEN franchise. As a producer and an executive, Barri sold pitches and specs to Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Fox, Nickelodeon, New Line, and HBO before becoming an independent producer.

Her teaching career began at the UCLA Graduate Producers Program and AFI. She has taught at studios including Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, and Blizzard Entertainment. A sought after Script and Story Marketing Consultant, and an expert on capturing the power of storytelling, she has spoken at conferences including Great American PitchFest, Screenwriters Expo, Screenwriters World, and WyrdCon. She contributed a chapter to the book Now Write: Screenwriting. Barri’s column, Breaking and Entering, appears in Her book on harnessing the primal power of story, Creating Delicious Stories, is in the works.

You can follow Barri on Facebook or Twitter or join her newsletter here. Find out about consultations and seminars and explore the Big Ideas website and blogs here. See her in action and watch student testimonials on YouTube.




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