Reader’s Gauntlet: No One Just Walks into a Scene ~ Webinar

Event Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020 || Speaker: Nikki Syreeta  ||

Start time: 1:00 pm PST ||

Writers are submitting thousands of scripts a cycle to competitions and production executives. They all have the same format (you hope) and more than one will undoubtedly have the same idea as you. So how do you make your story stand out amid the sea of words?  See more details below:

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More details:

By digging deep into key story elements, you can craft impactful narratives that will make readers take notice. 

You will learn Key story elements such as:

•  How vocabulary affects your tone

•  Creating compelling character descriptions and  introductions (there is a difference)

•  The difference between overwriting and detail

 •  Utilizing format to make your script more readable

Screenwriting is the craft of creating for a visual medium, and your script is the only gateway to the world you’ve imagined. This workshop will provide strategies to make sure readers become invested in your characters and stay engaged in your story beyond the first five pages.

Nikki Syreeta is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter, logline specialist, and professional reader harboring a frighteningly active imagination with an affinity for unique characters and subtext.

A native of Baltimore, MD, she began her creative career in music. She earned a degree in Music Engineering in the hopes of scoring films. While in pursuit of this dream, she became aware of the lack of female and minority stories in the industry. Her focus shifted to writing the stories she longed to see on screen. 

As she developed her creative voice, Nikki delved into all aspects of screenwriting and discovered a latent talent for critical script coverage and an ability to create compelling loglines at the drop of a hat. This led her to become a professional reader for several national top tier competitions. Reading and reviewing submissions in both the first and second rounds has helped her develop a discerning eye for script narrative, story structure, and character development, taking her writing skills to a new level. These skills and craft knowledge secured her a place as a member of the Hillman Grad Network, formed by The Chi creator, Lena Waithe. 

Nikki is the founder of Breaking Loglines®️, a logline crafting service that helps the logline challenged. She also runs the Reader’s Gauntlet®️, discussing how to fix script mistakes she’s come across as a reader. She is currently in pre-production on her first short film and her next projects are an action/drama feature and a character driven web series.

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Meeting Time-frame:  1:00 pm PST to approximately 3:00 pm PST

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