May 4-6, 2012 – 3 Day Screenwriting Marathon

3-Day Screenwriting Marathon

Spring’s never been a season for perfection. Spring is about spreading little duckling wings and flapping like crazy until you catch air or get eaten by a turtle. So in the spirit of budding effort, on the first weekend in May come hatch that long gestating script idea, boot it from the nest and see if it flies.

For three straight days, our caffeinated junta of bold and shameless writers will converge on a delightful Hollywood cafe to let loose the sloppy, inchoate, inspired messes that will become passionate puke-drafts.

No editing. No inner criticism. No holding back.
This is ONE WEEKEND where you commit to explore any & all possibilities with your story, FADE IN to FADE OUT, and do it in the camaraderie of fellow writers eager to help each other over creative hurdles. PLUS three top Hollywood script consultants (Pilar Alessandra, Patrick A. Horton, & Steve Kaire) will provide free mini-consults to help you find your forest for the trees.



It’s just writers helping writers motivate the discipline, courage, and peer-pressure to rediscover the thrill and fire of writing with abandon. Chasing this dragon is supposed to be fun, so grab your laptop and hunt!

**NOTE: The cafe gets busy so ARRIVE EARLY. These events fill up so seats aren’t guaranteed.

Also, outlines are helpful to get a quick start, but nothing’s required.


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