How To Write A Comic Book Script And What To Do With It After It’s Finished

Event Date: Saturday, April 25, 2015 || Speakers: Matthew Fischer, Martin Ayala & Hillary Bauman || Check-in: 12:30 pm ||

Matthew will discuss his own experiences writing comic books as a freelance writer, from working in a comic book store, to self-publishing his first comic and setting up at comic book conventions, and finally to pitching and being hired to write for publishing companies.

 **UPDATE: Guest speakers added ~ Martin Ayala & Hillary Bauman

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Check-in begins at 12:30 pm.
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Matthew will help provide technical know-how when it comes to the craft of writing, as well as provide anecdotal experience about making contacts and networking, getting that first pitch all the way though to contract negations and having your book published.

  • Examine the technical aspects of how to write a comic book script.
  • Self-publishing vs. Freelancing.
  • Comic Book conventions, networking opportunities and how to make the pitch.
  • Working with artists, editors and publishers.

About the Speakers:

(In photo: Matthew Fischer and Martin Ayala)

Matthew Fischer

Matthew Fischer is an award winning screenwriter, winner of Best Screenplay at the Filmmaker International Film Festival and the Remi Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Matthew has written for comic books, film, animation, and video games. Recently he has been creating comic strips for Tony Pitch Comics. His films include Mortal Enemies and King of Fighters.

Matthew has written for entertainment companies including Lionsgate, Convergence Entertainment, Creative Motion Pictures and comic book companies Stan Lee’s Pow Entertainment and Tony Pitch Comics. He has collaborated with leading industry illustrators Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans), Stuart Sayger (IDW Publishing) and Fernando Argosino (Top Cow).

His work spans genres ranging from martial arts action to psychological thrillers and mystical fantasy. He possesses the unique ability to create dynamic characters and energy-filled projects while understanding how to adapt intellectual properties into a variety of mediums, including animation, live-action films, television, and comic books.

Matthew’s Work can be seen here:
Short stories, sneak previews, and links to other creative endeavors are available at:


Martin Ayala.  Martin is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Tony Pitch Comics.

About Tony Pitch Comics

Tony Pitch Comics is about a voyage… the journey that everyone goes through to reach their goals. Every athlete who has been successful endures many of the things that Tony and his team will undergo. His adventures will inspire and show you absolute real life situations as well as teach proper soccer techniques.

Welcome to the exciting, dynamic journey of Tony Pitch and the North Park Warriors. where you’ll be entertained by learning soccer!!

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Hillary Bauman

Hillary Bauman creates art for stage, film, comic books, and personal commissions.  She is a native of California, a graduate of Chapman University and resides in Hollywood.

Her current work includes the graphic novel Cirrus: The Red Storm, a collection of short comic book stories entitled “and…All That Jazz,” and her newest graphic novel GALILEI.

Check out, for the current scenic painting updates and to share in the journey.




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