April 16, 2011 – Pitching to the Very Honest Feedback Panel

If you don’t know the measure of your product you won’t find success. You can’t buy pants if you don’t know your own waist size. And you can’t sell your material if you don’t know it’s true market value.

A panel of producers and consultants should be of great help by presenting a good dose of reality drawn from the loglines of the writers in attendance. For those wanting feedback it’s very important that you type out a brief logline and on a sheet of paper with your contact information.

The panelists will include the following:

Neo Edmund is a screenwriter and producer, repped by Ava Jamshidi at ICM. Neo is currently the Executive Producer and Screenwriter working on the big screen horror film adaptation

of the hit Fox Reality Channel series, Solitary.

Neo is the current VP of Development for Branded Films. He has worked as a Development Executive for Platinum Studios, a Story Consultant for New Regency Films, and a Creative Exec for Morgan Freeman’s, Revelations Entertainment.


Gary Shusett (Final Terror, Moon Over Parador) founded the Sherwood Oaks Experimental College. Sherwood Oaks Experimental College offers what screenwriters (and filmmakers) desire most — access to industry professionals (producers, agents, managers, directors, writers, and actors) at the lowest price.

Many of Gary’s former students have become major Hollywood players, including James Cameron, Dean Devlin, Paul Haggis, Nancy Meyers, Sylvester Stallone, etc.


Jim Jordan was recently rated overall number 4 among the top 200 script consultants in the country by Creative Screenwriting Magazine. He has gained a reputation as an “honest” screenplay consultant with clients worldwide. He was a respected story analyst for Fred Roos Productions — producer for Francis and Sofia Coppola.

He also provided screenplay coverage for the Scriptwriters Network and produced many special events for them. Over the years, he has interviewed countless film and TV guest speakers, including writers, producers, studio and network executives, directors, actors, agents and managers.

James is now passing along his unique acquired knowledge as owner of “Candid Coverage,” a script coverage service for writers. James offers in-depth analysis of entire scripts as well as a unique service — analyzing the first ten pages of a script for only $20.

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