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Video – GATEKEEPERS: a Literary Assistant’s Guide to the Submission Process

“Scriptwriters Network Speaker Series Presents….”     Season 1, Episode 2: The most high profile Hollywood managers, agents, and executives all have assistants. These are the people they trust to screen phone calls and sift through mountainous piles of scripts. Their good graces and high opinions are essential when navigating the submission process. In this […]

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Video – LEGALLY SPEAKING: A Legal Primer for Television and Feature Scriptwriters

“Scriptwriters Network Speaker Series Presents….”     Season 1, Episode 1: A distinguished panel of legal professionals will share valuable insight and provide pertinent information on a myriad of legal topics every scriptwriter needs to know including: Considerations when securing agency/management representation Guild (WGA, DGA, SAG, etc.) and Union (IATSE, IBEW, etc.) representation Copyright registration […]

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Video – “NON-STOP” – A Breakdown Analysis with Ryan Engle and Adam Levenberg

“Scriptwriters Network Speaker Series Presents….”     Season 1, Episode 3: Using clips from the film, screenwriter Ryan Engle will discuss with screenwriting consultant Adam Levenberg, the specific decisions that went into crafting the 2014 blockbuster hit featuring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. GUESTS: RYAN ENGLE ADAM LEVENBERG Melessa Y. Sargent — Moderator     […]

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“Writing Musical Films” – Scriptwriters Network – Speaker Series – Episode 3:3

“Conversations with Hollywood” Season 3, Episode 3: GUESTS: ALISON TAYLOR, Television writer and producer for: Clarissa Explains It All, Roc, Married With Children, The Cheetah Girls and Just Jordan. DAVID RAIKLEN is a multi-award winning producer, composer and songwriter. He’s scored hundreds of films, television shows, video games, musicals and live events. David is also […]

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