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Breaking In: Everything You Need To Know To Become A Working Feature or TV Writer – Members Only

Event Date: Saturday, June 17, 2017 || Speaker: Lee Jessup || Check-in: 12:30 pm || In this candid talk with career coach, author and studio & network consultant Lee Jessup, learn the realities, secrets, challenges and keys to going from emerging to professional screenwriter in today’s unique industry climate. During our time together we will explore […]

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The Pitch Clinic – write-up

The Pitch Clinic Speaker:  Steve Kaire March 18, 2017 Written by Jon Albizo   Steve Kaire (pronounced Carey) holds a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Writing.  A highly sought after speaker with decades of experience, he has unique skills in the arts of story telling and pitching. Having heard thousands of pitches over a 35+ year […]

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Actresses and Actors: What Writers Need to Know – write-up

Actresses and Actors – What Writers Need to Know – Part 1 Presenters: Danielle Vasinova, Jason Stuart, and Phil Tyler November 12, 2016 Written by Raven Burnes Actresses and actors are the people who make our scripts come alive. An amazing actor can make up for a lackluster script, but rarely is the reverse true. […]

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Directing Your Screenplay – write-up

Directing Your Screenplay Host: Jim Pasternak November 19, 2016 Written by Jill Narciso   Jim Pasternak is a producer, director and writer with credits in features, shorts, theater and TV. He holds a master’s degree in film from UCLA, and is currently a faculty member of the New York Film Academy in Burbank. Jim is […]

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